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Culinary Schools

If you are looking to start a career in the food industry or just want to take some cooking classes to perfect your cooking skills, you are in the right place.

Chef’s Pencil has compiled a list of the best culinary schools in the world, as well as the best culinary schools in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

You can also find out whether attending a culinary school is worth it and learn from the personal experience of former culinary school students. Maxime Rodrigue talks about his experience at the famous Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, Ismail Haggag talks about his experience at Cordon Bleu in Madrid, while Mihai Rat shares his student life experience at the famous B.H.M.S in Switzerland.

Check out some of the top destinations for culinary schools below:

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You can also learn about the chef hierarchy, the most famous chefs in the world, and even discover some crazy tattoo ideas for chefs.

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