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Ecuadorian Ceviche (Shrimp Ceviche from the Highlands)

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2 pounds cooked shrimp al dente
2 red onions sliced very thinly soaked in water with salt for 10 min
4 tomatoes diced
1 bell peppers red or green, diced
10-15 limes freshly squeezed
1 orange orange juice
100 gr tomato ketchup
50 gr Yellow mustard
1 bunch cilantro chopped very finely
Salt and pepper
sunflower oil

Ecuadorian Ceviche (Shrimp Ceviche from the Highlands)

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Ceviche is a staple seafood dish in many Latin American countries, though most people associate it with Peruvian cuisine. Don’t, however, confuse Ecuadorian ceviche with the Peruvian or Mexican versions: it’s more like a soup than a salad, is served with chifles (thinly sliced plantain chips) instead of tortillas or corn kernels, and is not accompanied with chili of any kind.

Ecuadorian ceviche is more like a soup than a salad

Ecuadorians generally don’t like spicy food, and Ecuadorian ceviche is good enough as it is.  Also, if you’re not totally sure of your seafood’s freshness, you can blanch it for safety, as many Ecuadorians do.

How to Make Ecuadorian Ceviche:

  1. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Serve with popcorn or chifles (fried green plantain chips).
Ecuadorian Ceviche
Ecuadorian Ceviche

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Alejandra Espinoza

Ecuadorian chef Alejandra Espinoza is the co-owner and creative force behind Somos.

Unapologetically ambitious, she’s making room for the people, places and palette of Ecuador at the global culinary table through her genre-defining Quito restaurant. After years spent studying, traveling and living abroad Alejandra returned to her home country in 2018 to start a restaurant and a culinary movement that would elevate Ecuadorian cuisine and make it known around the world.

Alejandra has a degree in hospitality management, with an additional diploma qualification in culinary arts and restaurant management from the Institute Paul Bocuse.

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