Carpaccio 2.0: Beetroot, Radish and Infused Kombu

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Carpaccio 2.0: Beetroot, Radish and Infused Kombu

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Pickled Beetroot
Flamed Hazelnut slices
Cold Grape slices
Pickled radish juliennes
Coconut milk Kefir infused with Kombu and smoked corriander oil
Pickled beetroot:
150 gr beetroot nice and crispy freshly picked
100 ml Water i suggest filtered or pure spring water
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
10 gr Sea Salt
60 gr Apple Cider Vinegar
40 gr red dry wine
Pickled radish:
2 red radishes
150 ml Water
40 ml red wine vinegar
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp black pepper corns
1 bay leaf
1 tsp Brown Sugar
Kefir base:
1 sachet kefir grains starter culture
1 lt coconut milk either homemade or a bio store-bought,even canned will work
Infusing with Kombu:
100 gr ready coconut kefir in room temp
2 sheets kombu
hot water to blanche
Smoked coriander oil:
100 gr sunflower oil
20 gr Olive Oil
10 gr avocado oil
1 big bunch fresh coriander
corriander seeds for smoking
Final sauce:
30 gr cold kefir
1 pinch fleur de sel
1 tbsp smoked coriander oil
    • Medium


    • Pickled beetroot:

    • Pickled radish:

    • Kefir base:

    • Infusing with Kombu:

    • Smoked coriander oil:

    • Final sauce:



    This dish, which I enjoy offering as an amuse-bouche for my vegan clients, is usually prepared in  bulk but is a staple in my kitchen. You cannot prepare just one or two portions of this so I will give you the minimum ratios for every sub recipe. You will be able to make quite a few Carpaccio 2.0 and be able to experiment with the left over ingredients. All the following sub recipes compliment fish exceptionally, as well as seafood.


    How to Make Pickled Beetroot:

    1. Peel the beets and slice into your preferred shape as thin as you can. If you are using a mandolin, choose the thinnest setting.
    2. Soak the beets in a bowl in plenty of water for 2 minutes.
    3. Change the water and repeat. Repeat, this process 10 times.
    4. Once you are done, mix all the remaining ingredients together.
    5. Add in the beetroot and leave to pickle overnight. (You can do it in a siphon as well with one charge.)
    6. When the beets are pickled, they should be sweet, crispy, and a little acidic. Quickly rinse them and pat them dry. You will notice the beets don’t release as much color now and are a very vivid color.

    How to Make Pickled Radish:

    1. Cut your radishes thin julienne. In a basin, mix the radishes, the vinegar, salt and sugar and massage well.
    2. In a small saucepan, put the water, peppercorns, and bay leaf and allow to reduce to half. Cool it down using an ice bath and strain out the spices.
    3. Put it into a basin with the radishes and leave to pickle overnight. Don’t rinse prior to service.

    How to Make the Split Sauce:

    1. a) Kefir Base:

    1. In a sterilized glass jar, put the milk and the kefir grains.
    2. Don’t use an implement to mix the ingredients. Instead, shake the jar well. Cover the top with cling film and punch in a small hole with the tip of a knife.
    3. Leave it in a warm, airy corner to ferment for 24-48 hours.
    4. Wrap the jar with a towel to keep out the light.
    5. DO NOT place it in a cabinet and keep it away from any odors. As it ferments, the milk will start to thicken.
    6. Keep checking it after 24 hours to see how it is progressing and just strain it when you are happy with the taste.
    7. The grains can be used again infinitely as they will give “birth” to new grains. Meanwhile, when your kefir is ready, keep it at room temp.

    1. b) Infusing with Kombu:

    1. Immerse the kombu sheets in water for 5 seconds then add them to the kefir.
    2. Seal the jar and leave it in the chiller for 4 hours to infuse.

    1. c) Smoked Coriander Oil:

    1. Wash and dry the coriander.
    2. Remove the stems and keep the leaves only (the stems make a good stock).
    3. Place the leaves in some boiling water and blanche for 20 seconds.
    4. Cool them down in an ice bath and place them in a blender along with the oils.
    5. Blend at the highest speed until the oil smokes and turns very green.
    6. Using a sieve with some kitchen paper on top, strain the oil into a bowl. If you can, do this in the chiller so your oil doesn’t lose its color.
    7. Once the oil is done, using a smoking gun and a bell, fire up the coriander seeds and smoke the oil. Shake, smoke, shake again until the oil tastes very smoked.
    8. Seal it in a small bottle.
    9. If you don’t have a smoking gun, you can use your bbq or a pot. You just need to set the seeds on fire, place them next to the oil, and use a lid to trap the smoke in.

    2. Making the Final Sauce:

    1. Place the ingredients into a small bowl and using a whisk, mix for 3-4 seconds.
    2. Before spooning it out, mix it again with the spoon.

    Carpaccio 2.0

    Carpaccio 2.0
    Carpaccio 2.0

    Kostas Magoulas

    Chef, consultant, founder of a successful vegan catering business, Instagram influencer – Chef Kostas Magoulas is a man of many hats. And did we mention he is only 30? So how did he achieve all of this? Hard work, hard work again, lots of creativity and passion for the restaurant industry, and more hard work. You can learn more about his amazing work from our interview with him.

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