Heritage Lamb by Chef Deni Srdoč

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Heritage Lamb by Chef Deni Srdoč

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Island Krk Lamb
900 g Lamb French Rack
50 g Butter
6 g Salt
15 ml sunflower oil
2 g Pepper
2 bay leafs
1 sprig thyme
1 sprig rosemary
Lamb Liver Paté
100 g Lamb liver
52 g Butter
15 g chopped Onions
1 g Pepper
1 g Dried garlic
1 g dried thyme
1 g Dried marjoram
1 g Dried juniper berries
1 g Dried allspice
35 g Vermouth
35 g Sweet wine
45 g Eggs
35 g heavy cream
14 g Flour
3 g Salt
5 g Flour
2 g Butter
0,15g Salt
0,7 g powdered sugar
5 g egg whites
Sea Kale “Na Padelu”
250 g Sea kale
100 g potatoes
25 g Butter
20 g Olive Oil
7 g Salt
4 g Pepper
2 g Garlic
Sea Herb Couils
5 g Rock samphire
8 g Sea Beet
5 g Salicornia
0,5g Salt
5 g Olive Oil
20g Water
2 g Vegetable emulsifier
Salted Anchovy Mayonaise
10 pieces Salted anchovies fillets
20 g Eggs
100 g sunflower oil
Lamb Sauce
lamb bones from the French rack
Lamb trimmings from the lamb back
20 g onions
40 g carrot
5 g Garlic
40 g celery root
2 g Salt
30 g Butter
1 g Pepper
2dlc White Wine
Plating and Presentation
sea kale leafs Dried and pulverized
a handful wild herbs and flowers
Fermented sea kale leaf in wine marc
Salted anchovy fillet
Blanched sea herbs
  • Medium


  • Island Krk Lamb

  • Lamb Liver Paté

  • Crisp

  • Sea Kale “Na Padelu”

  • Sea Herb Couils

  • Salted Anchovy Mayonaise

  • Lamb Sauce

  • Plating and Presentation



This amazing lamb recipe was provided by Chef Deni Srdoč, Croatia’s youngest Michelin-Star Chef. He is the Head Chef of Draga di Lovrana located in the beautiful Kvarner region of Croatia.

This recipe is one of his signature dishes that celebrates his Krk Island roots. Recipe published with the help of the Croatian National Tourist Board.

How to Cook Island Krk Lamb:

  1. Clean and trim the lamb back of the French rack. The bones and trimmings will be used for the sauce.
  2. Wrap the meat in foil and vacuum it.
  3. Cook it sous vide at 54 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.
  4. Before serving, heat the pan with oil and put the lamb back, skin side down, to get a golden crust. Then, flip it and add butter and the herbs, after which you baste it for a minute.
  5. Let it rest for 5 minutes and then cut off the outer parts.

How to Cook Lamb Liver Paté:

  1. Put all the ingredients together in a thermomix and then mix them at the highest speed until they form a homogeneous mixture.
  2. Put the mixture through the chinois strainer.
  3. Vacuum it and cook it sous vide at 96 degrees Celsius until the temperature of the mixture is at 80 degrees Celsius.
  4. When it is cooked, put it in ice water and then in a mixer. Mix it until you get a creamy paté.
  5. Before the serving, put it in a pastry bag and then, squeeze it out in the length of the crisp. Decorate the liver pate with the wild herbs and flowers. Set it on the crisp.

How to Make the Crisp:

  1. Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix them until you get a smooth texture.
  2. Use a little pastry spatula to spread it on a silpat using a form.
  3. Bake it at 190 degrees Celsius until it turns a golden color.

How to Cook Sea Kale “Na Padelu”:

  1. Cut the sea kale into small pieces and cook it in water until it is soft.
  2. Peel and cut the potatoes into small pieces and cook them until they are cooked.
  3. Put the aluminum pan at high heat and add olive oil and garlic. After 10 seconds, add the sea kale and potatoes, and mash them together.
  4. Add butter, salt and pepper, and cook until you get a beautiful side dish.
  5. For the serving of the sea kale when it is hot, make a ball shape and toss it in the dried pulverized sea kale leaves.

How to Make Sea Herb Coulis:

  1. Put all the ingredients together in the thermomix and blend them at the highest speed until you get a smooth coulis.
  2. Before serving, keep it refrigerated.

How to Make Salted Anchovy Mayonnaise:

  1. Mix the eggs and anchovies with a stick hand blender until you receive a smooth texture.
  2. Add, little by little, the oil until you get a mayonnaise texture.
  3. Keep refrigerated until serving.

How to Make the Lamb Sauce:

  1. Roast the trimmings and the bones together with the vegetables which are cut into small pieces, until you get a golden brown color.
  2. Take it out of the oven and put it on the stove at the highest heat and deglaze it with white wine.
  3. When the alcohol has evaporated, put all the bones and the sauce in a pot.
  4. Add water so that the bones are covered and cook for two hours.
  5. After that, strain and reduce it until you get a nice and thick sauce.
  6. Before serving, add butter, salt and pepper.


  1. First, put the liver paté in a small and high plate. Beneath the paté is the crisp and on top of the pate are beautiful wild herbs and flowers.
  2. For the main plate, take the fermented sea kale and put it on the right side of the plate. On top of it, we put the sea kale ball. On the left side, we plate the lamb with its skin side up and parallel to the sea kale.
  3. Between those two, we make a beautiful dot of salted anchovies mayonnaise and on top of it, we put a small fillet.
  4. Between the salted anchovies mayonnaise and the lamb back we put the lamb sauce, and between the salted anchovies mayonnaise and the sea kale we put the sea herbs coulis.
  5. We decorate the plate a little with blanched sea herbs.

Lamb dish Lamb dish

Photo Credit: Draga di Lovrana

Deni Srdoč

Chef Deni Srdoč is the Head Chef of Draga di Lovrana, a fantastic one star Michelin-rated restaurant in beautiful Croatia. Deni took the helm of Draga di Lovrana in 2014 and two years later he was awarded by Gault & Millau as Croatia's Young Talent of the Year. In 2017, at the age of just 27, Deni Srdoč received his first Michelin star, making him one of the youngest chefs out there to received this distinction. Check out our in-depth interview with Chef Deni Srdoč.

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