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50 gr tuna
50 gr salmon
1 Prawn
1 Sea Urchins
20 gr salmon roe
1 scallop
Salmon Roe marinade:
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp Mirin
1/2 tsp Sake
soy sauce
Japanese short grain rice
  • Medium


  • Salmon Roe marinade:

  • Toppings:



Kaisendon is a bowl of Japanese rice served with a selection of raw fish and shellfish. It is the perfect dish for any seafood lover as it uses the freshest ingredients on offer.

In northern Japan, Hokkaido, some of the finest seafood in the world is available, so kaisendon is the ultimate luxury dish. The sweet, meaty seafood combines perfectly with the fluffy white rice. The added soy sauce and wasabi adds further umami and spiciness. Always make sure to use the freshest fish available so that it is edible raw.

Kaisendon is one of the most popular Japanese foods, so if you love Japanese cuisine you must try out this recipe.

How to Make Kaisendon:

  1. Slice the salmon and tuna around 5mm thick. Use the freshest salmon and tuna available so that it is edible raw.
  2. De-shell the prawn but keep the head on for appearance.
  3. Remove the sea urchin and scallops for the shell if you are using fresh. Slice the scallop in half into bite size pieces.
  4. Mix the salmon roe with the salmon roe marinade.
  5. Slice the stems of the shiso.
  6. Fill your bowl with rice and then top with the selection of seafood. Add the sea urchin and salmon roe last as they are the most delicate.
  7. Top with shiso and serve with a side of soy sauce and wasabi.


Andy Cheng

Growing up with a Japanese mother, Andy has extensive knowledge of Japanese culture, life and food. Originally from England, Andy started to train to be a chef after graduating university and moved to Japan to start his culinary journey. With his aim to run his own restaurant, he studied under Michelin star chef Namae Shinobu and Akihiro Nagao. He is now studying how to roast coffee in Northern Japan.

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