Amala and Ewedu Soup 

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Amala and Ewedu Soup 

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1 Big Bunch Ewedu Leaves
2 cups Water
1 Tablespoon locust beans
1 Heaped tablespoon ground crayfish
1 Bouillon cube I’m using 1/2 Maggi Crayfish
Salt to taste
For Amala:
yam flour
  • Medium


  • For Amala:



Amala and Ewedu soup will always stay one of the most popular Nigerian soups, not only among the Yoruba people. A combination of Ewedu leaves and Amala gives a unique taste to this dish. 

Ensure you eat some when you visit Africa. Ewedu is a traditional soup native to the Yoruba part of Nigeria it is often served with Amala or any other traditional swallow food like Eba, Pounded yam or fufu. It is very delicious and nutritious and it has a slimy effect when it’s cooked which is very similar to Okra. 

Making Ewedu soup is easy. It will totally take you 30 minutes to cook it (15 minutes for preparation process and 15 minutes for cooking itself

How to Make Ewedu Soup:

  1. Pick your Ewedu leaves, make sure you don’t pick the stalk/stem along with it. 
  2. Wash the leaves thoroughly to rid it of dirt. Pour the water into a medium size pan, place on a bob on medium heat, bring to a rolling boil.
  3. If you’re using a broom (Ijabe), use the broom to pound the leaves.
  4. If you’re using a blender, take the Ewedu off the heat and leave to cool for a bit…don’t switch the heat off.
  5. Add the Ewedu into a blender along with the Iru, make sure you don’t add all the water, just 1/2 a cup should do. Too much water will affect the viscosity of your Ewedu.
  6. Using the pulse function, pulse a few times till you get a semi-purée consistency.
  7. Transfer the Ewedu back into the pan, add the ground crayfish, bouillon cube and salt to taste.
  8. Switch off the heat and let it simmer with the residual heat for 3 minutes….stir occasionally to prevent burning. Do not over cook or the Ewedu will go brown.

How to Make Amala:

  1. Pour water in a pot and allow to get hot.
  2. Add the yam flour into it and stir continuously using a wooden stick to avoid lumps.
  3. Add extra yam flour if watery or add some water if it’s too strong (just like the way your make your semovita).
  4. Turn the yam flour very well, then add a bit of water, cover and allow to cook for about 10mins.
  5. Wrap it up in nylon.

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