These are the 15 most expensive Michelin-Starred restaurants in the world.

Prices go up to $1700 per person.

Chef's Pencil has researched prices for 500 Michelin-starred restaurants and ranked the restaurants with the highest priced full tasting menus.

We have selected the most expensive full-tasting course for every restaurant.

With some exceptions, beverages, tips, service charges were not included in the price.

Top-priced tasting menu: USD $527 per person.

This is UK's most expensive restaurant.

Hélène Darroze features an exclusive truffle-based menu priced at £395, the most expensive in London and the UK.

14. Forum, Hong Kong SAR

Top-priced tasting menu: $530 USD

This is Hong Kong's most expensive restaurant.

14. Forum, Hong Kong SAR

The restaurant attracts Hong Kong’s rich and famous, all eager to snag a taste of the expensive shellfish the restaurant is famous for.

13. Arpège, Paris, France

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $533 USD

World renowned for amazing vegetarian food.

This is probably the most famous restaurant in the world for exquisite vegetarian dishes.

13. Arpège, Paris, France

12. Alchemist, Denmark

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $560 USD

This is the most expensive restaurant in Denmark.

Denmark is the most expensive country for fine dining with an "average" price of $404/person at a top restaurant.

11. Ciel Bleu Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $574

This is the most expensive restaurant in the Netherlands.

11. Ciel Bleu Amsterdam, Netherlands

While its standard tasting menu is priced more moderately for 225 euros, the exclusive caviar menu, dubbed Ciel Bleu Caviar, costs 495 euros.

10. Piazza Duomo, Alba, Italy

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $580

Piazza Duomo has 3 Michelin stars and it's the most expensive restaurant in Italy.

9. Guy Savoy Paris, France

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $615

Guy Savoy is a sight for the eyes thanks to its colorful dishes and the most expensive restaurant in France.

6-8 (Tie) Kikunoi Honten, Kyoto, Japan Joël Robuchon, Tokyo, Japan Gion Maruyama Kyoto, Japan

Top Full-Tasting Menu: $637

Top-tasting menus at three Japanese restaurants cost 70,000 yen, though their standard menus are more affordable.

5. Masa, New York

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $800

The first and only entry from America, Masa represents the finest (and most expensive) Japanese cuisine in NYC.

4. Azabu Kadowaki Tokyo, Japan

Tasting Menu Price: $824

This is the most expensive restaurant in Tokyo.

3. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten, Kyoto, Japan

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $910

What you can expect: stunning traditional ambiance, meticulously maintained Japanese garden and ise-ebi lobster.

2. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet Shanghai, China

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $1422

Ultraviolet blends gastronomy and visual technology for an unbelievable interactive experience.

1. Sublimotion Ibiza, Spain

Top-priced Tasting Menu: $1740

A Cyber-chef cooks in front of each diner, giving them the opportunity to eat a delicious meal within a virtual world.