These are the 10 most popular ethnic cuisines in America

Research by Chef's Pencil

Google Trends provides interest scores for national cuisines based on their search popularity in the US. For ex. Mexican cuisine will comprise searches for Mexican restaurants tacosburritos, recipes, and even names of Mexican restaurants.

How we compiled the rankings

10. Cuban Cuisine

Hugely popular in Florida, but not so much in the rest of the US.

9. Vietnamese Cuisine

South East Asian food is becoming hugely popular in the US and worldwide.

5. Indian Cuisine

Indian food is most popular in New Jersey, Washington, and Maryland.

4. Thai Cuisine

Fun fact: Thai food is most popular in Alaska, w/ Fairbanks having one of the highest ratios of Thai restaurants to population in the U.S

3. Italian Cuisine

Everyone loves pizza and pasta, but nowhere as much as New York and New Jersey according to Google Trends.

2. Mexican Cuisine

Mexican is the top ethnic food in the West, South, and most of Midwest, but it was not enough to outrank...(see next slide)

1. Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food dominates the North East and takes the crown as the most searched for cuisine on Google.