10 Most Popular French Cheeses Explained by a Frenchman

10. Borsin - One of the most known commonly consumed fresh cheeses in France, this one is fresh and creamy, and flavored with aromatic herbs and spices.

9. Époisses - The most famous cheese in Burgundy,  it is made by monks. The color ranges from yellow to orange on the outside and it is white inside.

8. Munster - Although it sounds German, this is actually a French cheese from the Lorraine region, a region which was once German.

7. Comté - One of the most widely produced types of cheese in France, it is renowned internationally for its quality. Made in the Alps, it is very yellow, smooth, and tasty.

6. Emmental - You could say that Emmental is somewhat similar to Comté, but it is not as fine or tasty—though it is cheaper!

5. Ossau-Iraty - Ossau-Iraty, made in the Western part of the Pyrénées range, is the most famous sheep’s cheese in France.

4. Cabécou- This tiny round goat’s cheese from Périgord in the Southwest of France is an explosion of aromas.

3. Roquefort - The king of blue cheeses, Roquefort, made from unpasteurized sheep’s milk, is aged in natural caves in the hills of Larzac, in the South of France.

2. Brie - this is probably the ideal introduction to the world of French cheeses. It is creamy, soft, and very mild—in short: easy for everybody to eat.

1. Camembert - This is perhaps the most iconic of French cheeses, the one that features in the cliché of the Frenchman with the béret, baguette, and bottle of wine.