Ranked:  10 Most Expensive Countries to Dine Out at a Top-Rated Michelin Restaurant

We decided to find out the places where it is least and most expensive to eat at a top-rated Michelin restaurant  (read two and three-starred restaurants).

To do that, we researched the menus of 450 restaurants that have earned two or three Michelin stars.

From the menu, we researched the prices for the top tasting menu.

The top tasting menu is usually an 8-12 course served at dinner.

Beverages are generally not included in the pricing, and the same is true for tips and other government charges 

Our study shows that geography plays a huge role in pricing a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Stay tuned for the top 10 most expensive countries. Prices are per person, excl. tips, beverages, and service charges.

Tasting Menu Price: $255

9. Swizterland

Tasting Menu Price: $292

8. France

Tasting Menu Price: $300

7. U.K.

Tasting Menu Price: $301

6. China (incl. Hong Kong and Macao)

Tasting Menu Price: $310

5. United States

Tasting Menu Price: $313

4. Japan

Tasting Menu Price: $322

3. Sweden

Tasting Menu Price: $327

2. Singapore

Tasting Menu Price: $364

1. Denmark

Tasting Menu Price: $404

But what is the most affordable country to dine out at a top Michelin restaurant? Spoiler alert! The full tasting menu only costs $173 here.  Swipe for our full story to learn about the cheapest fine dining destinations.