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How to Make Tomato Concassé (Explained by a Chef With Photos!)

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How to Make Tomato Concassé (Explained by a Chef With Photos!)

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Concasser as defined by the Larousse Gastronomique (The Chef’s Bible) defines it as: “the French term for chopping or pounding a substance, either coarsely or finely. When skinned de-seeded tomato pulp is finely chopped it is known as tomato concassé.”

Why Make Tomato Concasse?

  1. Tomato seeds can taste bitter, which can ruin your delicious tomato sauce. This can be especially troublesome if you are using a blender for your tomato sauce, which can crack seeds open.
  2. Tomato skins and seeds may be though and hard to digest for some people.
  3. Floating tomato skins are a big no-no in many sauce recipes (e.g. you can’t allow any tomato skins in a tomato pizza sauce).
  4. Presentation and texture are also important reasons for making tomato concasse. Removing the skins and seeds will give you a nice, clean texture.

Tomato concasse is most commonly used in many traditional sauces, but it can also be used in pasta, garnishing, salsas, bruschettas and soups.

Tomato Concassé Recipe for Pizza

  1. Cut an X into the bottom of your tomatoes.
  2. Plunge the tomatoes into boiling water for just a few seconds.
  3. Tomato Concasse Step2
  4. Remove the tomatoes from the boiling water and plunge them into ice-cold water.
  5. Tomato Concasse Step 3
  6. Allow them to site in the icy water for half a minute.
  7. Remove them from the ice water and simply peel by pulling the skin from the X down.
  8. Cut each peeled and de-seeded tomato quarter flesh into 3 or 4 lengths.
  9. Tomato Concasse Step 4
  10. Bunch these together and cut them into small dice.
  11. Tomato Concasse Step 5

Tomato Concassé Recipes

  1. Tomato concassé is one of the main ingredients for a delicious tomato and buffalo mozzarella bruschetta.
  2. Make an incredible tomato pizza sauce. Tip: combine it with our famous New York style pizza dough recipe for an amazing culinary experience.
  3. It is used in many pasta recipes, such us this spaghetti and plum tomatoes.

Paul Hegeman

Paul is a personal Chef to exclusive Sydney clients and is also our most frequently contributing writer. Paul was born in The Netherlands and moved to Canada at a very young age. Experience with traditional European meals at home and the diverse multicultural influence of foods in Canada gave Paul a great appreciation for different culinary styles. Over the years Paul traveled extensively and worked at every level of professional kitchens, from the deep fryer in the local burger joint, to the Head Chef in Five Star Hotels. He now resides full time in Sydney, Australia with his wife and their children. You will find his recipes emphasize natural, uncomplicated flavours and fresh ingredients such as those found in Mediterranean and South East Asian cuisines.

Recipe Reviews

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I have been wanting to ditch the pre-made tomato sauce I had been using for my pizza recipes for a long time now, but was not managing to make a sauce that is tasty enough, not bitter, nor too sour, nor too sweet. I have to say that your recipe saved me, it is so easy to make and delicious, and it made my pizzas 10 times better!


I had been looking for my mother's Tomato Concassé recipe everywhere, but I couldn't find it. So I looked here and it was the exact same one! I just love it, it is so simple and fresh and makes pasta taste heavenly. This really took me all the way back to my childhood :)


Love Italian cuisine! I use Tomato Concasse in pizzas, pasta, bruscettas and even making an omelette


This is what I need as a learner, everything explained, so nice! Joshh


This is very useful and easy recipe. I love this tomato concassé with pasta, it's so tasty and fresh!


Gonna try this method, hope I succeed. Thank you for the detailed instructions.

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