Stuffed Nuts/Nuci umplute

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Stuffed Nuts/Nuci umplute

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200 gr butter with 80% fat
8 tbsp boiled water
A pinch Salt
400 gr Plenty of flour
250 g nuts crushed
100 ml Milk
150 g Butter
150 g Sugar
1 rum essenc
100 gr powdered vanilla sugar
  • Medium




How to Make Stuffed Nuts:

  1. Make the same shortbread dough for nutshell cookies as the tart dough.
  2. Caution! Do not vigorously knead this type of dough, otherwise it will overheat and the gluten network in the flour will develop, making it elastic and crispy after baking!
  3. Add boiled water to a pile of flour and knead it, then add butter.
  4. Using a blunt knife (or your cold fingers or even the knife blades of your food processor), mix the fat and the flour together until they become like a dry “sand”. Do not knead excessively.
  5. You need a special tin in order to bake the nuts (it can have mushroom-shaped molds). Clean thoroughly. Brush each mold with oil and wipe it with tissue.
  6. Place aluminum foil in your oven to catch any fat dripping from the dough.
  7. Make small, 5-6g balls of dough and place them into the molds in the tin.
  8. Press the balls into the mold and bake them on a medium heat for 1 and a half minutes on each side. If the dough expands beyond the mold, scrape it with a knife. Let the nutshell cookies cool on a tray.

How to Make the Cream for Stuffed Nuts:

  1. Mix the milk, nuts and rum essence and put them on the stove until they boil.
  2. Whip the butter until it becomes like a foam, stir the mixture and let it cool.
  3. Use a tablespoon to fill the nutshell cookies with fine chocolate cream. Fill in the nuts two by two, make a pile of powdered vanilla sugar and roll each cookie through it. Then sprinkle plenty of powdered vanilla sugar on them. Nuci umplute

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