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Adjust Servings:
1 squid normal size, for approx 4 people starter
Piccalilly Mayonnaise
80 grams mayonnaise
100 grams cream 40%
50 grams piccalilly
Black Tapioca Pearls
50 grams tapioca
1 small bag of ink squid
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon Mirin Japanese rice wine
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
small amount of lemon zest
Avocado Cream
2 creamy Hass avocado
1 tablespoon coriander
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 teaspoon lime zest
Citrus Condiment
145 grams Lemon Juice
60 grams cane sugar
36 grams Olive Oil
10 grams white soy sauce
fleur de sel
Candied Red Bell Peppers
1 red bell pepper
Olive Oil
Marinated Shii-Meji
2 tablespoons sushi vinegar
120 grams shii-meji white beech mushroom
Red Bell Pepper Sorbet
450 grams red bell pepper coulis
92 grams sun dried tomatoes
38 grams lime juice
2 tarragon leaves
13 grams tarragon vinegar
4 basil leaves
37 grams arbequina olive oil
75 grams Water
150 grams White Wine
20 grams soy sauce
230 grams peeled tomatoes
8 grams red bell pepper
20 strokes of black pepper
11 Xérès Capirete
107 grams palatinose
5 grams stabilizer
8 drops tabasco
Squid Dressing
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 tablespoon ponzu
1 tablespoon basil oil
2 tablespoons delicately chopped, roasted pine nuts
small amount of delicately chopped candied bell pepper
small amount of delicately chopped basil
Ink Tuile
25 grams pine nuts
12 grams Lemon Zest
300 grams panko
70 grams miso
9 grams bonito flakes
30 grams black olives
35 grams sushi vinegar
4 small bags ink squid
50 grams soy sauce
16 grams trisol
60 grams malto
550 millilitres Water
Pickled Shallots
1 recipe sweet and sour mixture
1 shallot
Sweet and Sour Mixture
25 grams Sugar
35 grams tarragon vinegar
250 millilitres Water
1 gram coriander seeds
1 gram white pepper
0.5 gram Thyme
1.5 grams Tarragon
Mustard Seed
55 grams mustard seeds
Chicken Stock
15 grams sushi vinegar
15 grams Mirin
For Decoration
piccalilly of Tierenteyn
atsinacress (liquorice)
delicately grated mojama dried and salted tuna fish
salmon eggs
    • Serves 4
    • Medium


    • Squid

    • Piccalilly Mayonnaise

    • Black Tapioca Pearls

    • Avocado Cream

    • Citrus Condiment

    • Candied Red Bell Peppers

    • Marinated Shii-Meji

    • Red Bell Pepper Sorbet

    • Squid Dressing

    • Ink Tuile

    • Pickled Shallots

    • Sweet and Sour Mixture

    • Mustard Seed

    • For Decoration




    1. Use a cleaned squid for the strips.
    2. Cook the squid and olive oil sous-vide for half an hour at 50 °C. Let it cool down.
    3. Slice the squid in long, thin strips and sprinkle with olive oil, season with pepper and salt.
    4. Fry the strips very shortly in a dry, non-stick pan and cool down in the refrigerator.

    Piccalilly Mayonnaise

    1. Mix both ingredients and add the whipped cream.
    2. Season with pepper and salt.

    Black Tapioca Pearls

    1. Cook the tapioca three times and use fresh water each time. Rinse thoroughly.
    2. Marinate with a bag of squid ink, soy sauce, mirin, olive oil and a small amount of lime zest.

    Avocado Cream

    1. Blend all the ingredients and pass through a sieve.

    Citrus Condiment

    1. Cook the lemon juice with the cane sugar until you get a syrupy mass.
    2. Add the white soy sauce and the olive oil.
    3. Season with fleur de sel.

    Candied Red Bell Pepper

    1. Preheat the oven to 190 °C.
    2. Put the red bell pepper together with some olive oil in a baking dish.
    3. Roast the red bell pepper for 20 minutes in the oven until it’s almost black.
    4. Let it cool down for a while, peel the red bell pepper and pour the juice from the baking dish through a sieve.
    5. Mix the juice with some teaspoons of good quality olive oil and put the red bell pepper, sliced in strips, back in it.
    6. Season with pepper and salt and heat it until it reaches its boiling point.
    7. Let it cool down immediately.

    Marinated Shii-Meji

    1. Cut off the caps of the white beech mushrooms.
    2. Bring the vinegar to the boil and pour it over the mushrooms.
    3. Let it marinate for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    Red Bell Pepper Sorbet

    1. Blend all the ingredients in the thermomix.
    2. Let it rest for a while.
    3. Sieve and churn until you have sorbet.

    Squid Dressing

    1. Mix the olive oil, ponzu, basil oil, roasted & chopped pine nuts, candied red bell pepper and the delicately sliced basil.

    Ink Tuile

    1. Mix the panko with all the liquids and soak for just under an hour until everything is black.
    2. Put the mass in the thermomix with all the other ingredients except for the malto.
    3. Blend very well and pass through a sieve.
    4. Add the malto to the mixture.
    5. Spread it out on a silpat and dry in a food dryer on 60 °C until it’s crispy.

    Pickled Shallots

    1. Slice the shallots into a desired shape.
    2. Add the cold sweet and sour mixture and create a vacuum for three consecutive times in a vacuum packaging machine to “cook” the shallots.

    Sweet and Sour Mixture

    1. Bring all the ingredients to the boil and pass through a sieve.

    Mustard Seed

    1. Cook the mustard seeds for 45 minutes in chicken stock.
    2. Let it cool down and marinate in mirin and sushi vinegar.

    To Finish

    1. Put the cold squid strips on the plate and cover it with the following ingredients:
    2. Delicately chopped piccalilly (from Tierenteyn)
    3. Cream of piccalilly
    4. Black tapioca
    5. Cream of avocado
    6. Citrus condiment
    7. Strips of red bell pepper
    8. Violets
    9. Atsinacress (liquorice)
    10. Mustard seeds
    11. Delicately grated mojama (dried and salted tuna fish)
    12. Salmon eggs
    13. Red bell pepper sorbet
    14. A piece of ink tuile and the marinated shii-meji.
    15. Serve the dressing separately.

    Peter Goossens

    Peter Goossens’ journey as one of the top chefs that we know today began in his home country, Belgium, at the Hotelschool Ter Duinen. He then spent four years in France gathering first-hand experience in the fine art of cooking. Today, the hallmark of his recipes is the use of seasonal nature’s produce that tantalize and refresh the taste buds. He runs the very successful 3 Michelin star restaurant, Hof van Cleve, where he offers dishes that are a unique blend of the modern and the traditional. His cooking scores high on taste, presentation and variety. With gourmet flair he reimagines classic Belgian dishes that are popular with both traditionalists and modernists. Peter is definitely a master of his craft and the unrivalled range of dishes at the Hof van Cleve bear testimony to that fact. His dedication to all that is local, fresh and seasonal, and his ability to interplay with flavours has seen his stature grow over the years. He is one of the most sought after chefs and is often seen on television shows- as a judge or in some other capacity. He has, very deservedly, received many accolades throughout his long and illustrious career, so many that it would not be possible to list all of them all here, so we’re sharing the top ones.


    Golden delta – best chef in Belgium 1993 Culinary award – the most delicious table in the country 1994 The greats of tomorrow – Gault Millau 1996 Knight in the order of the black truffle 1998 Master chef 2000 Five star diamond award – the American academy 2003 Chef of the year– Gault Millau Benelux 2004 Golden whisk – chef of the year - Knack restaurant guide 2005 Meals of the year - Robert Parker 2005 Restaurant personality of the year – Leaders’club 2008 Man of the year – Knack magazine 2010 Knight of the Leopold order 2011 Awarded as “Best Restaurant of the World” by wbpstars.com 2011 Trophy Gault Millau – 10 yrs 19.5/20 – Best Chef of Belgium 2012 Elite Traveler’s Top 100 Restaurants in the World 2012-up to now Opinionated About Dining Top 100 European Restaurants 2013-up to now Awarded as ‘Third Best Restaurant in the World’ by FOUR Magazine 2014


    Michelin 1 star 1994 2 stars 1998 3 stars 2005-up to now Gault-Millau 15/20 1993 17/20 1995 18/20 1998 19/20 2000 19.5/20 2004-up to now Knack Restaurant guide 4 whisks 1995 5 whisks 1997-up to now De Markt / gastromania 16/20 1998 19/20 2002 Best restaurant in Belgium 2005-up to now Delta guide 4 chef’s hats 2001-up to now ADDRESS Hof van Cleve Restaurant Riemegemstraat 1 9770 Kruishoutem Belgium +32 9 383 58 48 hofvancleve.com

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