Small Raspberry-Verbena Pie

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Small Raspberry-Verbena Pie

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Almond Cream:
50 g fresh almond powder
50 g softened butter
50 g beaten eggs
50 g Sugar
Sweet Dough:
125 g flour T5 5
42 g glazed sugar
2 g Salt
15 g almond powder or hazelnut
70 g Butter
27 g egg
Whipped ganache: Verbena:
100 g Blanc Ivoire chocolate
52 g liquid cream 30% MG
8 g Inverted sugar or honey
152 g liquid cream 30% MG
15 g verbena leaves ripped into 3 pieces each
  • Medium


  • Almond Cream:

  • Sweet Dough:

  • Whipped ganache: Verbena:



My first raspberries just prior to the end of lockdown… what a delight! 

How to Make the Almond Cream:

  1. Mix 50 g of fresh almond powder, 50 g of sugar and 50 g of softened butter.
  2. Mix in 30 g of beaten egg with a spatula.
  3. You can now add raspberries and/or verbena.
  4. Cook for 10-12 minutes at 180⁰ on the bottom of the oven.

How to Make the Sweet Dough:

  1. Use a flat beater or blend by hand the flour, glazed sugar, almond powder, and salt with slightly soft butter.
  2. Add the egg and mix gently.
  3. Place the mixture onto a sulfurized sheet of paper and knead 3 times. Place a second sulfurized sheet of paper over the top and roll out to 3 mm thickness. Place the flat dough in refrigerator for at least one hour.
  4. Line a pie dish with the pastry and return to the refrigerator. Cut off the excess pastry and cook at 170⁰ until it is light brown in color. The time depends on the thickness of the pastry and the topping you choose.

How to Make Whipped Ganache/Verbena:

  1. Melt the chocolate in the micro-wave.
  2. Heat 52 g of the cream and the inverted sugar.
  3. Pour the hot liquid in 3 lots on the chocolate so as to generate a ganache.
  4. Place on the ripped verbena leaves.
  5. Add the cold cream, mix, wrap in cling film, and store over night in a cool place.
  6. Mix or filter (at will) and whisk with an electric whisk like whipped cream.
  7. Place in molds and leave over night in a freezer. 
Small Raspberry-Verbena Pie
Small Raspberry-Verbena Pie

Photo credit:clelia_13_


Clélia is a super talented French food blogger and photographer. You can find her amazing creations on Instagram, where she posts daily some of the most delicious desserts out there.

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