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240 grams tuna loin cut into a 4x4cm square strip
5 grams Cajun spice mix
Olive Oil for searing
Sea Salt
For the cucumbers
1 piece large cucumber continental variety
5 grams Grand Marnier
10 millilitres white wine vinegar
For the cherry tomatoes
90 grams cherry tomatoes
25 grams granulated sugar
50 millilitres red wine vinegar
30 grams Tapenade
12 piece curly lettuce for decoration
  • Medium


  • For the cucumbers

  • For the cherry tomatoes



As it goes sometimes in the kitchen, a cocktail party had a bit of an over flow on guests and we needed to prepare some extra items. In the hurry, and with the guests waiting, I used anything I could get my hands on. Mostly items that were ingredients for the one or the other a la carte dish currently on our menu. The guests were so happy with these little dishes, that they actually are now featured on our cocktail menu offering.

For the tuna

  1. Season the prepared tuna loin with sea salt and sprinkle with Cajun spice. Sear in hot skillet for approximately 30 seconds each side, browning the side well, while keeping the middle of the tuna raw. Set aside to cool

For the pickled cucumber

  1. Peel the cucumber completely. On a kitchen slicer or alternatively with a peeler, slice the cucumbers lengthwise into long strips from all sides, discarding the middle part with the seeds.
  2. Place the strips of cucumber neatly on top of each other and cut them uniformly into ½ inch (1cm) wide ribbons.
  3. Sprinkle the ribbons with sugar and salt and set them aside for at least 20 minutes. At this stage the cucumber will loose water and become soft and bendable. Drain the cucumber ribbons and pat dry, then marinate with the vinegar.

For the confit cherry tomatoes

  1. With a paring knife cut a small cross on top of the cherry tomato.
  2. Blanch them very quickly in boiling water, and then chill rapidly in ice water.
  3. Remove the tomatoes from the ice water and peel off the skin. In a pan, bring the sugar to boil with the red wine vinegar, add the peeled cherry tomatoes and bring back to boil.
  4. Set aside to cool in room temperature, then place in the fridge, preferably in an airtight container and let marinated for at least 24 hours before usage.

Assembly of the dish

  1. Place the curly lettuce on you preferred serving dish. Place the cucumber ribbons onto the lettuce.
  2. Cut the tuna into ½ inch thick medallions and place on top of the cucumber ribbons.
  3. With a teaspoon, add some Tapenade onto the tuna medallion and decorate the dish with one cherry tomato confit.

Thomas Wenger

Born in Bern, Switzerland, Thomas followed in the footsteps of his mother and entered a three-year cooking apprenticeship program and graduating it at the age of 20. Working a few short stints in a winter ski resort and a city hotel in Basel/Switzerland during the following years he took the opportunity to work in New York in 1986. What was originally planned as a one-year experience in New York lasted three years and went on to a global career, which led him to Australia and on to Hong Kong in 1990. For the past 15 years, Thomas has explored South East Asia and it’s cuisines and regional specialties. He worked in some of the most exciting cities in the world - Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok and his culinary style reflects the many experiences and the people he worked with. Throughout his career, Thomas liked the challenges and diversity of hotel operations. He recently joined a Hotel & Restaurant Management school in Manila, Philippines as Senior Culinary Faculty.

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