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Sea Urchins in Aromatic Hollandaise Sauce over Yogurt

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Adjust Servings:
Sea Urchins
12 Sea Urchins
Hollandaise Sauce
2 Egg Yolks
2 tablespoons Modena vinegar
2 tablespoons Water
100 grams Butter
50 grams Greek Yogurt
1 bunch fresh chervil
chive points
1/2 bulb small fennel
1 stalk celery and leaves
1/4 granny smith apple
sorrel leaves
20 millilitres sea urchin water
2 tablespoons arbequina olive oil

Sea Urchins in Aromatic Hollandaise Sauce over Yogurt

  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • Sea Urchins

  • Hollandaise Sauce

  • Aromatics



Nacho Manzano

Nacho Manzano comes from Asturias, a region in the North of Spain which has one of the strongest cuisines in Spain. A montainuos region by the sea. Chef Manzano has access to a wealth of produce, from the best meat, game, vegetables and dairy products from the land to the finest fish and seafood from the sea. Working with local producers while using the most avant-garde technique chef Manzano has single-handedly evolved and modernised cuisine of Asturias. Most importantly, his talent, good nature and humility have earned him unanimous respect and appreciation from peers, food critics and foodies alike. He is a creative chef, who began his profession at the early age of 15 at Casa Victor Restaurant in Gijon. At the age of 22 he took on the responsibility of managing his own Restaurant, “Casa Marcial", his parents’ former bar. Nacho Manzano's restaurants are:

  • * Casa Marcial (2 Michelin stars)
  • * La Salgar (1 Michelin star)
  • * Gloria (casual concept)
  • * Ibérlca restaurants, UK (6 restaurants today, casual concept)
  • Accolades and Achievements 1998
    • *Winner of the Chef Championship of Asturias in

    • *He was granted the 1st prestigious Michelin Star for Casa Marcial
    • *He currently appears in all the national guides as one of the greats of Spain, gastronomically speaking.
    • *He was considered by the prestigious magazine, Iberia, in 2001, to be one of the ten greats of Spanish cuisine.
    • *They grant him “two suns” in the Repsol Guide
    • *Winner of the Bidasoa “Young Chef Dish 2003” award, on a national level.
    • *Second National “Cod Cuisine” Award Giraldo. 2004
    • *“Dish of the year” award — “The best of Gastronomy 2005 by Rafael Garcia Santos (Crunchy bacon with fabada (bean stew) vinaigrette”.
    • *“Cucharon del buen guiso marinero” (Good Seafarers’ Stew) Award, 28 October 2008.
    • *“Caldereta de Don Calixto” (Stew) award to the revitalisation of Asturian cuisine, 9 July 2009.
    • *He was granted the 2nd Michelin star in 2009 for Casa Marcial
    • *Award for the best raw material of the year (The best of gastronomy). November 2010.
    • *Gastronomy Prize. November 2010. lnterprofessional Organisation of Autochthonous Quality Beef.
    • *Asturcon Award ot2011 (Majada de Espineres, Asturias).
    • *Marques de Busianos Award of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy for the dissemination of Spanish cuisine abroad (Madrid 20l2).
    • *He was granted the lst Michelin star for La Salgar (Gijon)
    • *FEHR award: National gastronomy award Best international hospitality company in the world.
    • *Afuega’l Pitu Gold Award 20l3 for the promotion of this cheese (La Foz de Morcin, Asturias).
    • *Chef Millesime gastronomic award, 2013
    • *Ricardo Gonzalez, former head chef at Casa Marcial, receives his lst Michelin Star for his restaurant El Retiro, Llanes. Asturias
      Casa Marcial Casa Marcial is the gastronomic emblem of Asturias and one of the most significant restaurants in Spain included in the magazine Le Chef list of one of the Hundred Restaurants you have to eat at least once in your lifetime. The Manzano family has a total of 3 Michelin Stars, Restaurant Casa Marcial has been awarded two (1999 and 2009) and Restaurant La Salgar one (2013) maintaining their stars continuously throughout the years. Asturias is located on Spain´s northern coast, in the green belt of Spain. It´s beautiful region which is well known for its stunning mountains and coastline and its delicious gastronomy. Casa Marcial is the flagship restaurant of International Chef Nacho Manzano and is located in the town of Arriondas at the foot of the Picos mountains of Asturias, North of Spain. The simple exterior of this restaurant surrounded by picturesque countryside gives way to an attractive and rustic yet contemporary interior. The impressive views to the mountains from the garden terrace, the charming and cozy interiors and the harmony of traditional and sophisticated dishes makes the visit to this restaurant an unforgettable experience. Nacho Manzano is renowned for his specialty fish dishes and his modern interpretations of traditional Spanish cooking. He has travelled the world giving masterclasses in Spanish cuisine and represents Asturias at major international events.

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