Salmon Gravlax with Cucumber, Quail Egg and Oranges

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Salmon Gravlax with Cucumber, Quail Egg and Oranges

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300 g Sugar
300 g Salt
1 orange zest or lemon, or lime
Dwelling herbs
black pepper
1 cup beetroot
1 cucumber small dices
1 orange
2 quail eggs
Lemon Juice
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Today i am  gonna cook healthy salmon gravlax with cucumber, quail egg, and oranges. A very healthy and tasty recipe you can do easily at home for you and your family.

How to Cure the Fish:

  1. Mix the sugar and salt together. This mixture is a basic for how to cure a fish.
  2. Then you add orange zest to give a flavour.
  3. Add some herbs. In this case some dwelling.
  4. As a last thing, add the beetroot. Beetroot give the colour.
  5. Mix all of the together, properly.
  6. Take all the igredients mixed and cover the salmon in it. Is very important to cover the fish everywhere.
  7. Then you cover the bowl where you mixed the fish with the ingredients. To spead up the process, put something on the top.
  8. Leave it in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours, depending on size and how much cured you like your fish.
  9. After taking the fish from the fridge, clean it under the water. Is very important to clean very well the fish of salt or sugar, otherwise the salmon can be very salty.
  10. Cut it in thiny slices.
  11. Take the cucumber, pil and cut it into small dices. When you do that, take the middle of the cucumber out, because is too watery and has no taste.
  12. Take an orange, cut skin out, and cut the orange in a few segments. For this you will need a sharp knife, otherwise you will destroy the orange. The rest of the orange i will use it for the sauce.
  13. Put water into boil and when the water is boiled, add quail eggs. Cook them for 1 minutes to 45 seconds. In the same time, i will reduce my orange juice glaze.
  14. Take the eggs out and put them into cold water and cool it down.
  15. After the orange juice is reduce, season it with salt, lemon juice and finish it with a little bit of olive oil.

How to do the Plating:

  1. Start with the amazing, tasty Salmon Gravlax.
  2. After add the cucumber dices, that is mixed with chopped dwelling, vinager, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  3. Add the orange segments, quail egg, few slices of radish and fresh dwelling.
  4. Add the orange juice next to it.

Healthy Salmon Gravlax

Photo credit: chef.majk

Michal Kováč

Michal is a Chef at Entrée Restaurant, Olomouc, Czech Republic and also runs a coaching and food consulting group. You can find Michal on Instagram and YouTube sharing his culinary creations. Check out his YoutTube for some amazing healthy recipes and culinary advice.

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