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Corn Base Dough
2 kilograms dried Andean corn
2 Bay Leaves
4 litres Vegetable Stock brown onions, celery, garlic, leek
2 litres Vegetable Stock brown onions, celery, garlic, leek
2 sticks cinnamon
2 star anise
Coriander, Aji Amarillo Paste
180 grams coriander leaves
130 grams lard
310 grams brown onion finely chopped
140 grams aji amarillo Peruvian yellow chili
4 cloves Garlic
150 millilitres Olive Oil
Final Tamal Verde Dough
500 millilitres Vegetable Stock
banana leaves
Aji Amarillo Jam
500 grams aji amarillo
3 grams citric acid
500 grams Caster Sugar
500 grams Water
Confit Duck Maryland
6 duck Maryland
5 litres brine
For the Brine
5 litres cold water
250 grams white sugar
4 sprigs thyme
4 Bay Leaves
3 sticks cinnamon
1 tablespoon coriander seeds
2 cloves Garlic
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  • Corn Base Dough

  • Coriander, Aji Amarillo Paste

  • Final Tamal Verde Dough

  • Aji Amarillo Jam

  • Confit Duck Maryland

  • For the Brine



Corn Base Dough

  1. Wash the dried Andean corn strains three times discard the water every time.
  2. Spread the corn in an oven tray been careful not to over lap any of them, set the convection oven at 5C and roast the corn for 15 minutes. In a medium size pot warm out the 4 Lt. of vegetable stock adding the bay leaves, cinnamon and star anise and then add the corn straight from the oven.
  3. Cook for 2 hours at medium heat always making sure that the corn is covered with vegetable stock.
  4. Once the Andean corn is cooked, strain and reserved the water, place in the Thermomix in small batches adding a little bit of the corn water and start blending at speed 4 and 30C temperature keeping the mix warm, repeat the process until finish.
  5. Note: The water is only to help the Thermomix to blend all the corn evenly, the end result would be a thick paste not runny.

Coriander, Aji Amarillo Paste

  1. Blanch the Aji Amarillo and refresh, place in a small vacuum bag 4 garlic clove and the Aji Amarillo, 150 ml of olive oil seal on low vacuum. Place in a convection steam oven at 85C for 30 min.
  2. When the garlic and the aji Amarillo are ready, place in a medium size pot the lard, and chopped brown onions, sweat the onion at low heat, cool down one it’s completely transparent.
  3. Cool down the garlic and Aji Amarillo mix in the bag in a ice bath, ones it’s cold place the mix into the Thermomix adding the coriander leaves and the sweat onions, blend at full speed for 4 minutes making sure that you end up with a bright green paste, no cooking temperature needed for this step.

Final Tamal Verde Dough

  1. Place the corn base dough in a big pot adding half of the vegetable stock and the coriander & Aji Amarillo paste for the Tamal mix all the ingredients adding slowly the remaining of the vegetable stock. Season the Tamal dough with the cooking salt.
  2. Weight 150 gr. of the Tamal dough and place it on a piece of fresh banana leave, wrap the tamal dough carefully and re-wrapped with clean film.
  3. Set the convection oven at 100C full steam and steam the tamales for 1 hour.

Aji Amarillo Jam

  1. In a small pot dissolved the sugar in the water at medium heat, add in the Thermomix the Aji Amarillo and blend at full speed for 3 minutes.
  2. Set the Thermomix at 60C and add the sugar water, cook for 10 minutes at speed 4.
  3. Cool down the mix

Confit Duck Maryland and Brine

  1. In a big pot add 2 liters of water, sugar and rock salt. Dissolved the salt and sugar at medium heat add the remaining ingredients and bring the water to a simmering stage. Place the water in a plastic container and add the rest of the cold water.
  2. Store in the cool room to cool down the mix completely (is very important that the brine is completely cold to avoid poaching the meat)
  3. Ones the brine is completely cold place the duck marylands in the brine for 30 minutes.
  4. Take the duck marylands out of the brine and dry then completely with a kitchen towel, place them in a big vacuum bag carefully, seal on high vacuum.
  5. Set the convection oven on full steam at 75C and cook for 8 hours.
  6. Debone carefully the duck Maryland one they are warm, trying to keep the duck Maryland as one piece.

Final Preparation and Presentation

  1. In a hot caster pan add 1 spoon of duck fat once it is hot place the duck maryland skin down and allowed to crisp, take the duck maryland and place on a pizza tray, brush the skin with the Aji Amarillo jam and place into the oven for 2 minutes.
  2. Poach the Tamal wrap in boiling water for 4 minutes, unwrap and served warm.
  3. Cut the duck maryland in two pieces place it on top of the Tamal.


Alejandro Saravia

Working as a chef, Alejandro spent the last eight years traveling the world, indulging in and engaging with an array of foods and cultures. Growing up in Peru, South America, he was introduced to the strong flavors and variety of ingredients of Peruvian cuisine from an early age. Drawing inspiration from memories of his grandmothers cooking, Alejandro says, “You will be able to taste the divine essence of Peru”. A highly qualified chef, Alejandro has worked at esteemed venues in Peru, Europe including Fat Duck (London) or Le Ambassadors (Paris) and at many well known Sydney establishments as well as Salon Blanc (Australia), and at Sails Restaurant at Lavender (Australia). Alejandro is proud to be part of what he describes as a ‘Gastronomic Revolution’ that has recently evolved out of Peru. His personal approach to Peruvian cuisine and respect to traditions and flavors makes of Alejandroʼs style easy to understand by a foreign palate. “Rustic with a delicate and well balance flavours” Arriving in Australia from the heart of Peru on New Years Eve 2006, Alejandro has embraced the melting pot of cultures in Australia, adding his own Peruvian influence to the food industry. In 2007 Alejandro also founded his first project, “A taste of PERú” which demonstrates and educates foodies in the ingredients, flavours and cooking methods of Peru and Latin America, through degustation nights of Modern Peruvian Cuisine, Cooking Classes and Gourmet tours to his home country as well as giving classes at the prestigious Electrolux Cooking School in Melbourne for the last 3 years. “A taste of PERú” is the result of Alejandro’s passion fueled by dedication and skill. Alejandro has played a significant role promoting Peruvian cuisine in Australia. In October 2011, Alejandro opened MORENA – RESTAURANT AND PISCO BAR, situated in the heart of Sydney’s upbeat Surry Hills, MORENA showcase the amazing variety of flavors, ingredients and dishes of Peruvian and Latin American haute cuisine, with a fine dining service, yet fun and relaxed vibe. As a result of Alejandros passion for it’s country and culinary background Morena has been critical acclaimed and featured in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD GOOD FOOD GUIDE, positioning MORENA as the first Peruvian Restaurant to be feature in this famous restaurant guide.

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