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Adjust Servings:
2 large langoustines
1/8 red onion cut into cubes for garnish, washed once to mellow their heat
1 slice Lime for garnish
fresh coriander for garnish
40 millilitres Japanese light soy sauce
5 grams black ground pepper
12 grams Sugar
50 millilitres Lemon Juice
40 millilitres rice vinegar
40 millilitres Olive Oil
  • Serves 1
  • Medium



  1. Combine the soy sauce, pepper, sugar, lemon juice, rice vinegar and olive oil and reserve in the refrigerator.
  2. You must blanch the langoustines in boiling water to begin. In a 30cm pot boil 1 litre of water. While boiling place the langoustine inside for 10 seconds. Take out and place in a bowl with iced water, allow the langoustines to cool for one minute inside the iced water.
  3. Take the langoustines from the iced water and peel the shell from the tail and discard left over shell. Separate the tail and the head. Keep the head for later to use as a garnish.
  4. Using the whole pieces of tail meat, lay them flat as possible on cling film, cover the tails with another layer of cling film.
  5. With a kitchen knife laid flat on its side, beat the tails between the cling film firmly until they are flattened and thin.
  6. Carefully peel off the top layer of cling film, pick up the bottom layer of cling film and invert it onto your plate so that the langoustine is now on the surface of the plate.
  7. Smooth out the cling film using your hands which will make the langoustine stick to the plate. Very carefully peel off the layer of cling film so that the langoustine is left beautifully on the plate. This may take some practice.
  8. Pour a small amount of the dressing all over the langoustine, just to moisten the dish.
  9. Finally garnish the plate, as shown in the picture, with the onion, coriander, lime slice and head of the langoustine.
  10. Eat the langoustine quite quickly as the acid from the dressing will begin to cook it.


  • *You can sometimes find live langoustines early in the morning at the local fishing markets, if you want you can opt for a snap frozen product but it must be very fresh


Jeff Tyler

Prior to joining Novikov Jeff Tyler was at the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech where he worked as Chef de Cuisine. He was responsible for the creation and execution of Morocco’s premiere contemporary Japanese restaurant. Prior to this, he assisted on the operational side of the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, working alongside the 5-times Michelin award winning chef Carmen Ruscalleda. In 2004, having trained and cut his teeth in his native New Zealand, Tyler decided to make the move to Japan. There he became a protégé of Mr Toshkatsu Chiku-san, President of Chiku Ya Restaurant Group in Hamamatsu, working as the only westerner in a solely Japanese team and environment. During this time he enjoyed hands-on experience in a sashimi factory and trained in tempura, sushi and other traditional dishes. Tyler then left Japan to hone his skills in such leading establishments as the deluxe Mangapapa Petit Hotel in New Zealand and Roka in London. In early 2011, Jeff was invited back to Japan, spending a month at the Shizouka tuna markets, mastering the art of whole tuna cutting.  

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