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Guacamole con Chapulines (Guacamole with Grasshoppers)

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Guacamole con Chapulines (Guacamole with Grasshoppers)

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2 Ripe avocado
2 Lemons Lemon Juice
100 gr Chapulines
1/4 onions
1/2 cup coriander leaves
2 green chilies
1/4 cup Water
to taste Grain salt
to taste Pepper
  • Medium




For some, this traditional Mexican dish is nothing more than a novelty at a night market that they will only ever eat once to say they tried it…  For others, this dish is a staple of their diet, and something they like to cook to wow their guests. Either way, you can’t miss out on this staple of Mexican street food… guacamole with grasshoppers!

How to Make Guacamole con Chapulines:

  1. MUSH the avocado pulp lightly with the lemon.
  2. BLEND the chiles, onion, cilantro and water.
  3. Pour over avocado and salt and pepper.
  4. PLACE the grasshoppers on top of the guacamole and serve in tacos

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