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Adjust Servings:
12 tiger prawns peeled, headless, leaving the last section of the tail attached
250 Green rice flakes
1 Butter lettuce
Vietnamese mint, garden mint, coriander,spear mint
50 millilitres fish sauce
Carrot julienne
Papaya julienne
200 millilitres Water
100 grams Sugar
150 millilitres vinegar
½ cup rice flour
Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce
500 millilitres Water
250 grams Sugar
460 millilitres fish sauce
150 millilitres lime juice
1 chili sliced
Tapioca Batter
1 cup rice flour
1/2 cup tempura flour
100 millilitres soda water added as needed
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce

  • Tapioca Batter


  1. Make several small incisions in the belly of the prawn tail straighten the prawn by stretching the flesh into a longer even shape.
  2. Combine flours together and slowly add soda water while whisking together. Add enough soda water until a it forms a batter that holds its form on your finger when dipped. Keep chilled in the fridge or on ice.
  3. To pickle carrot and papaya, whisk sugar with water until sugar dissolve, add vinegar and then add carrot papaya julienne. Keep it in fridge, ready to use after 1 hour
  4. Holding the tail, dip prawns into the in fish sauce, then with rice flour, dip in tapioca batter, and then cover in green rice flakes.
  5. Deep fry prawns at 180oc for 1 min 30 seconds drain the prawns thoroughly on absorbent paper tray with paper.
  6. Serve the prawns with butter lettuce, herbs, pickled carrot and papaya, and dipping sauce.

Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce

  1. Mix all the ingredients together and taste


  1. GREEN RICE: This rice is usually served to celebrate the new season of rice and is a staple at the Tet or Luna New Year feast! The rice is picked green and pounded to make it flat.
  2. We use fish sauce from the picturesque island of Phu Quoc, the home of the worlds best Nuoc Mam. The fish sauce should be labeled Nuoc Mam Nhi this means it is the first pressing or equivalent of the ‘extra virgin’ of fish sauce. To judge the quality of a fish sauce it should be crystal clear, deeply golden but not too dark and should create large bubbles when shaken, this indicates a viscous and rich sauce.

Geoff Lindsay

Chef – Restaurateur – Author and Food Writer - Television and Radio Presenter - International Guest Chef - Industry Commentator – Mentor, Teacher and Trainer Geoff Lindsay certainly has made his mark as owner and chef of the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in Australia. “I am interested in new frontiers, new challenges, developing a new cuisine style that builds on my existing repertoire as one of Australia’s most popular and respected chefs; absorbing new ingredients, techniques and flavours. A bold cuisine that speaks of its terroir, produce and Artisan producers, is respectful of its cultural surrounds and historical identity, is sustainable, exciting, ever-evolving, visually spectacular and absolutely delicious!” My time as a Chef has been marked as quality focused, team oriented and demonstrating great initiative and entrepreneurship. In this 25 year period post apprenticeship I have always directed kitchens that are at the leading edge of one of the worlds most dynamic cuisine styles Modern Australian. A mix of South East Asian flavours, European Techniques and new frontier enthusiasm. A respectful balance between old world and new, between innovation and tradition.


2013 1 Chefs Hats Dandelion 2013 Dandelion listed in the top 100 restaurants in Australia 2012 1 Chefs Hats Dandelion 2012 Nominated best New Restaurant Dandelion 2012 Dandelion listed in the top 100 restaurants in Australia 2005 Chef of the Year by The Age Good Food Guide 2010 Pearl ranked #17 Restaurant in Australia Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide 2000-2010 2 Chefs Hats (out of a possible 3) Pearl Restaurant 2006 3 Chefs Hats (out of a possible 3) Pearl Restaurant 2004 Dish of the Year 2002 Dish of the Year 2000 Best New Restaurant Pearl “Geoff Lindsay is a walking, talking barometer of the state of Melbourne dining. Through his years at local legends, Stephanie’s, Blake’s and Stella, he has cooked his way through French, Mediterranean, and modern South-East Asian. Where he has been, Australian food has been. Where he is going, Australian food is going.” Terry Durack Independent on Sunday (UK) "When the (Guide judging panel for Chef of the Year) started thinking about chefs and the food and flavours that wowed us time and time again, it was hard to go past Geoff Lindsay. Lindsay knocks your socks off at Pearl with his proudly modern Australian food and a menu that is always evolving.” Sally Lewis Editor Age Good Food Guide

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