Fruit Mince Pies

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Fruit Mince Pies

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For the Pastry:
1 lb (approx. 4 cups) Flour
8 oz 2 sticks unsalted butter good quality,(like Kerrygold) (or 50% butter/50% lard)
1/8 tsp salt Salt (if you use salted butter, omit the salt
1 tbsp Sugar
ice water
For the Mincemeat Filling
3/4 cup (100 g) currants
3/4 cup (100 g) raisins
1/4 cup (50 g) dried apricots chopped
1/3 cup (50 g) dried sweetened cranberries chopped
1.2 granny smith apple grated
1/2 cup (100 g) Sugar
1 tsp piece lemon rind grated
2 oz (60 g) melted butter
1/2 tsp mixed spice
pinch cinnamon
nutmeg dash of
3 1/2 tbsp (50 ml) brandy
1 tbsp Grand Marnier
  • Medium


  • For the Pastry:

  • For the Mincemeat Filling



An Australian mince pie is typically made from sweet pastry encasing sultanas, apple, almonds, mixed spices, and a splash of brandy for good measure.

How to Make the Mincemeat Filling for Pies:

  1. Place the dried fruit, grated apple, sugar, lemon rind and butter into a bowl and mix well.
  2. Add the spices, brandy and Grand Marnier. Mix well, cover and place in a cool place for 24 hrs.
  3. Mix the mincemeat the next day; leave for another 24 hrs.
  4. Stir well and put into a clean pint jar, or airtight container, packing it down to avoid air gaps. I warmed the partially packed jar in a bowl of warm water to melt the butter a bit. Seal and place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 6 months.

How to Make the Pie Pastry :

  1. Place all ingredients into food processor and pulse a few times.
  2. Add a little ice water, a few more pulses and it is ready to roll (literally)!
  3. Your pastry should sort of come together, but still be somewhat crumbly when ready. Don’t add too much water, though, as it will make the crust tough. Shape into a ball, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least half an hour.
  4. Use as desired, baking according to pie recipe directions.

How to Make Mince Pies:

  1. Preheat the oven to 375˚ F (190˚ C).
  2. Cut the butter into the flour with two knives or a pastry cutter, then add the sugar and enough ice water so the pastry comes together without falling apart.
  3. If you add too much water, the dough will be tough.
  4. If you are a more accomplished cook, you could add an egg yolk instead of water, which makes an even tastier pastry.
  5. Roll out the dough to about 1/4″ and cut into rounds to place into cupcake tins or small tartlet tins.
  6. Next, fill the pastry cases with some mincemeat. Top with a star or cover entirely with another piece of pastry (make a hole in the top).
  7. Place the mince pies on a baking tray into a preheated oven. Bake for about 15 to 18 minutes until the pastry becomes golden brown. Finally, sprinkle with a little sugar, immediately after removing from the oven. Store in an airtight tin.

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