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Adjust Servings:
Pistachio Creme Patisserie
1 litre Milk
250 grams pistachio paste
10 Egg Yolks
1 egg
50 grams Sugar
80 grams Corn Flour
80 grams Flour
Chocolate Ganache
250 grams milk chocolate
250 grams dark chocolate
500 millilitres Cream
Egg Whites and Sugar
140 grams egg whites weighed into separate disposable cups
90 grams Caster Sugar weighed into separate disposable cups
Vanilla Creme Anglaise Mousse
500 grams Milk
500 grams Cream
200 grams Egg Yolks
75 grams Sugar
1 vanilla bean
100 grams trimoline
Crushed Slivered Pistachio Nuts
500 grams slivered pistachio
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • Pistachio Creme Patisserie

  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Egg Whites and Sugar

  • Vanilla Creme Anglaise Mousse

  • Crushed Slivered Pistachio Nuts



Pistachio Creme Patisserie

  1. Bring milk and pistachio paste to the boil in a heavy based saucepan.
  2. Place yolks, egg, sugar and flours into the kitchen aid with the paddle attachment and beat thoroughly until pale and smooth.
  3. Once the pistachio milk has boiled, remove from the heat and mix ⅓ into the egg mixture and mix until combined.
  4. Add the egg mixture to the pistachio milk in the saucepan and return to the heat.
  5. Cook out all the flours, stirring continuously over a medium heat for approximately 8 minutes.
  6. Transfer the mix to the kitchen aid and beat on slow speed until cool.
  7. Place the mix into piping bags, dated and labeled in the fridge ready to use.
  8. Refrigerate

Chocolate Ganache

  1. In a heavy based sauce pan bring the cream to the boil.
  2. Add the chopped chocolate to the cream and allow to melt, mix to form a uniform mass.
  3. Pour the Ganache into piping bags, store in the fridge ready for use.

Egg Whites and Sugar

  1. Weigh the egg whites into plastic cups at 140 grams.
  2. Weigh the sugar at 90 grams for service.
  3. Each cup of sugar and whites makes four soufflés.

Vanilla Creme Anglaise Mousse

  1. Place the milk, cream and the vanilla bean into a heavy based saucepan and bring to the boil on a stove.
  2. Whisk together the egg yolks and the sugar, once the cream has come to the boil add the egg mixture slowly and then cook the mixture again until 81*C is reached add the trimoline once the sauce pan is removed from the stove , pass the mixture through a chiniose and allow to cool.
  3. Once fridge cold pour 500ml of the crème Anglaise into an isi gun, screw the lid on and charge the gun twice, mix and dispense until the desired consistency is reached.
  4. Place the gun in the fridge ready to use.

Crushed Slivered Pistachio Nuts

  1. Place the nuts into the robot couple and blend them until finer, but not powder.


  1. In a kitchen aid with the whisk attached, whisk the 140gr of whites to a medium-stiff peak. Slowly incorporate the 90 grams sugar and allow to mix for 20 seconds.
  2. In a medium sized mixing bowl place 50 grams of Pistachio crème patisserie. Work the crème patisserie by using a rubber spatula to make it more pliable.
  3. You need to add the meringue in three stages. The first is taking a small amount and working it quite rigorously into the crème patisserie. The second stage you add half of the remaining meringue and incorporate it by folding gently. Take care to make sure there are no lumps of crème patisserie in the meringue. The third stage is the most delicate. The last of the meringue is folded in preserving as much air as possible.
  4. Taste the meringue to check the strength of the crème patisserie.
  5. Your soufflé mix must be used immediately.
  6. Place the mixture into a piping bag and pipe the desired amount of the mixture into the prepared moulds, the with your finger swirl the mixture around to ensure the mix is touching the sides of the moulds.
  7. Pipe a small amount of Ganache into the center of the soufflé, place the ready made soufflés into the fridge ready for use.

To Serve

  1. Place a large lunar bowl onto the pass and sprinkle some of the crushed pistachios onto the plate.
  2. Dispense a good amount of the crème Anglaise mousse into the center of the bowl.
  3. Place the soufflé into the oven with spares, 180*C for 3 and a half minutes.
  4. When the soufflé is done de-mold the soufflé on top of the mousse and serve.


Paul Hegeman

Paul is a personal Chef to exclusive Sydney clients and is also our most frequently contributing writer. Paul was born in The Netherlands and moved to Canada at a very young age. Experience with traditional European meals at home and the diverse multicultural influence of foods in Canada gave Paul a great appreciation for different culinary styles. Over the years Paul traveled extensively and worked at every level of professional kitchens, from the deep fryer in the local burger joint, to the Head Chef in Five Star Hotels. He now resides full time in Sydney, Australia with his wife and their children. You will find his recipes emphasize natural, uncomplicated flavours and fresh ingredients such as those found in Mediterranean and South East Asian cuisines.

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