Creamy Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

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Creamy Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

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0,5 kg Jerusalem artichokes
1 onions
2 pcs potatoes medium sized
200 ml Cream
150 g Butter
Green Onions
white pepper
water, salt and oil
cold smoked bacon optional
  • Medium




This delicious Jerusalem artichoke soup was provided by Estonian chef Janno Lepik. Janno is the Head Chef at Leib, a prestigious restaurant located in Old Town Tallinn.

How to Prepare the Soup:

  1. Clean Jerusalem artichokes thoroughly and cut into pieces. Peel potatoes and make into pieces.
  2. Put some oil into pot and pan fry chopped onions until slightly brown. Add Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes, white pepper and water (until water tops potatoes). Bring it to light boiling and boil 10 minutes. Add cream, and boil until vegetables are soft.
  3. Put everything to blender and mix on maximum speed for 1 minute. Add butter and mix another minute. Sieve the soup and season it with salt.
  4. As the soup is boiling oven bake the bacon in 200C. Mix every 5 minutes until the bacon is crispy.
  5. Thin slice 2-3 Jerusalem artichokes and put slices into lemon water.
  6. Serve the soup, top it with crushed bacon and slices of Jerusalem artichoke


Janno Lepik

Chef Janno Lepik is the mastermind behind Leib, one of Estonia’s best restaurants.  Janno started his culinary career in a local vocational school and then worked in several restaurants in London.

He returned to his come country Estonia and is current the Head Chef at Leib. Leib, which means black bread in Estonian, is famous for sourcing all its ingredients from local farms and thus supporting small Estonian farmers and fishermen.

Check out our interview with Chef Janno Lepik and his business-partner, sommelier Kristjan Peäske.

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