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Culinary Schools in Québec

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Maison Christian Faure
355, Place Royale, Montreal, Québec H2Y 2V3
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Situated in historic Old Montreal, Maison Christian Faure is a chic cooking school with a unique French flair. This culinary school has a Pastry School you can sign up for. L...
Chocolate Academy
4850, Molson Street, Montreal, Québec H1Y 2C3
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Chocolate Academy is one of the top places in Canada to explore the art of chocolate-making. Classes held at this academy will teach students how to become an expert chocolatier a...
Masala Cuisine
1906 Centre, Montreal, Québec H3B 1X8
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Masala Cuisine operates as both an Indian restaurant and cooking school. Those interested in attending this restaurant’s cooking school can sign up for a spot in one of the numerous ...
Chef en Vous
1751 Richardson, Suite 1.118, Montreal, Québec H3K 1G6
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Situated in Montreal, Chef en Vous is designed for corporate companies to encourage team-building skills. The classes are led by an expert chef and allow groups to design their own men...
Madame Germaine
1633 chemin du Fleuve, Levis, Québec G6W 1Z6
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Overlooking the St. Lawrence River in Saint-Romuald is Madame Germaine. This cooking school, founded by Anne Rouleau, began in 2015 and is named after Rouleau’s grandmother who was ...
The Lincoln Apartment Bakery
4000 rue Saint-Ambroise, suite 479, Montreal, Québec H4C 2C7
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The Lincoln Apartment Bakery is a fun and colorful bakery founded by Jessica McGovern. It was created to inspire bakers to have fun in the kitchen and let their imagina...
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Pius Culinary Institute and Business Centre is located in Montreal and offers countless programs designed around the culinary arts. The institute’s profe...