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Culinary Schools in British Columbia

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Cook Culture
Cook Culture 1230 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 2H6
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Cook Culture is a large kitchen supplies store filled with baking utensils and cookware but also has a cooking school people can attend. This family-friendly cooking school started in ...
Rooted Nutrition
2245 W Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2E4
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Rooted Nutrition is located in Vancouver and was founded by Andrea Potter as a way to encourage people to make healthy choices when they eat. This school hosts many classes that wi...
HAVE Culinary Training Society
374 Powell Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1G4
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HAVE Culinary Training Society was created to help those who might have difficulties finding a job in the culinary field succeed. This training society caters to both...
Nourish Cooking School
2245 W Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2E4
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Nourish Cooking School was created by Dan Cheung as a way for others to explore food sustainability and discover how to cook with organic options. As they write in their miss...
The London Chef
953 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8V 3K3
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The London Chef is run by partners Dan and Micayla Hayes and focuses on creating delicious meals that are budget-friendly and fun to make. The school hosts a variety of professional...
Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver
818 Renfrew Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5K 4B6
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Founded in 2009 by Marco Röpke, the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver provides students with the opportunity to earn a diploma or certificate in artisan bread ...
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The Culinary Arts Training Centre is located in the city of Kamloops and teaches student chefs how to create meals based on a farm-to-table approach. Students will be ...
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The Dirty Apron Cooking School, Delicatessen & Catering is situated in Vancouver and was opened in 2009 by husband and wife duo David and Sa...
Northwest Culinary Academy Of Vancouver
2725 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 3E9
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Nestled in the northern portion of Vancouver lies the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver. The academy is owned by multiple chefs who each add their own ...
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
101 - 1505 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1A4
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The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts is situated in Vancouver and has been offering courses for culinary students for over 22 years. The institute offers a vari...