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Culinary Schools in Ottawa

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Academie du Gourmet
993 Notre-Dame St, Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1W0
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Academie du Gourmet offers pre-made meals made by chefs in its kitchen, but also offers a variety of cooking classes that will teach students how to make flavorful dishes and th...
The Cauldron Kitchen Inc.
1155 Lola Street, Unit 7, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 2C5
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The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. is located in the city of Ottawa and was named after the traditional cooking cauldron which is where many would gather to share meals. This cookin...
The Urban Element
424 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1H1
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The Urban Element is hidden inside an old firehouse known as Old Fire Station No. 11. This setting provides a unique historic atmosphere for student chefs as they chop, stir, and ...
C'est Bon Cooking
200 Dalhousie, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7C8
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Situated in Ottawa, C’est Bon Cooking first began as a small cooking company in 2009 but was later sold to current owners Georges Laurier and Stefanie Siska in 2016. Laurier and Si...