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If you are looking to start a career in the food industry or just want to take some cooking classes to perfect your cooking skills, you are in the right place.

Chef’s Pencil has compiled a list of the best culinary schools and cooking classes throughout the world. Check out some of the top destinations for culinary schools below:

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Holland College Canada
140 Weymouth Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4Z1
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Located on the pristine Prince Edward Island, Holland College Canada is one of the top culinary schools in the country thanks to its expert staff and helpful hands-on approac...
Cook Culture
Cook Culture 1230 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 2H6
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Cook Culture is a large kitchen supplies store filled with baking utensils and cookware but also has a cooking school people can attend. This family-friendly cooking school started in ...
Rooted Nutrition
2245 W Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2E4
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Rooted Nutrition is located in Vancouver and was founded by Andrea Potter as a way to encourage people to make healthy choices when they eat. This school hosts many classes that wi...
Liaison College
7601 Jane St, Concord, Ontario L4K 1X2
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This culinary arts branch of Liaison College resides in the historic district of Concord. The college offers culinary students the chance to learn important kitchen skills while t...
Shivani's Kitchen
1209 MARGINAL RD, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4P8
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Shivani’s Kitchen operates as an Indian restaurant, but also offers cooking classes geared toward teaching others how to prepare delicious Indian dishes. Located in Halifax, Shivan...
Collingwood Cooking Academy
7833 Poplar Sideroad, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z1
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Situated only a short drive away from Collingwood’s bustling downtown area, Collingwood Cooking Academy is run by chef Philip Tarlo and offers both basic and professiona...
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My Place For Dinner Cooking School at Market Kitchen was founded by Debbie Diament, a chef who has taught at prestigious culinary schools around...
Maplehern Cooking School
188 Burnett Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2N 1V8
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Maplehern Cooking School is located in North York, Toronto and is an extension of Chez Laurent, a local restaurant. This cooking school focuses on holistic nutrition and gu...
Schoolhaus Culinary Arts Regina
2171-B Lorne Street, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 2M6
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Schoolhaus Culinary Arts Regina has been around for over five years and offers numerous cooking classes that are designed to appeal to both cooking amateurs and seas...
The Live Well Community
187 Meridene Crescent W, London, Ontario N5X 1G3
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Located in London, Ontario, The Live Well Community is intended to help others live a healthy lifestyle through the food they eat. The Live Well Community offers a handful o...
Know thy Food
75 hamilton street, Toronto, Ontario M4M 2C7
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Founded by chef Kristen Lépine Dos Santos in 2011, Know Thy Food celebrates the vegan food scene and shows that vegan food isn’t only healthy, but can be fun and delicious. Know Thy F...
Le Dolci
2700 Dufferin St. Unit 13, Toronto, Ontario M6B 3R4
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Le Dolci is a chic bakery known throughout Toronto for its scrumptious cupcakes and fresh macarons, most of which are made with gluten-free and vegan ingredients. This bakery has a spaciou...
Home Chef School
5732 Kennedy Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1T1
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Home Chef School offers everyone, regardless of their current skills in the kitchen, a class where they feel comfortable in. The courses offered at Home Chef School come in four ca...
The Cauldron Kitchen Inc.
1155 Lola Street, Unit 7, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 2C5
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The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. is located in the city of Ottawa and was named after the traditional cooking cauldron which is where many would gather to share meals. This cookin...
The Cake Tutor School & Cakery
Main 189 Park, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1K9
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For those interested in learning the art of cake making, The Cake Tutor School & Cakery gives you the chance to do so by offering numerous classes that highlight a ...
Mark Picone Culinary Studio
4075 Moyer Road, Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0
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Mark Picone Culinary Studio is led by Mark Picone, an acclaimed chef who has been bestowed with multiple AAA 4-Diamond Awards. Picone’s Italian roots inspired him to lea...
Madame Germaine
1633 chemin du Fleuve, Levis, Québec G6W 1Z6
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Overlooking the St. Lawrence River in Saint-Romuald is Madame Germaine. This cooking school, founded by Anne Rouleau, began in 2015 and is named after Rouleau’s grandmother who was ...
The Cookbook Co.
722-11 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E4
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The Cookbook Co. is a large cooking retail store but offers a diverse amount of cooking classes you can attend. All cooking courses use fresh ingredients and are designed to help ho...
Everton Academy of Culinary Arts
8599 Wellington Rd 124, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6H7
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Everton Academy of Culinary Arts is run by Dale McCarthy and is a small culinary school that offers a variety of cooking courses students can attend. Some topics yo...
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Located in Beamsville, a city known for its abundance of vineyards and orchards, The Good Earth Cooking School & Food Company Inc. creates meals d...