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Putting the flavour into your food and not your kitchen drain.

Deglazing is one of the easiest processes in the kitchen yet yields so much flavour. To deglaze a pan that has had meat or vegetables cooked in it; simply means to add a liquid to it while it is hot in an effort to remove any of the flavours that have attached themselves to the pan in the cooking process. You can deglaze a fry pan after cooking steak in it, you can deglaze a roasting tray after having cooked a roast in it, the list is endless. The liquid left in the pan after deglazing can simply be poured over the finished food or can be added to a sauce or turned into gravy.

February 23, 2011, By Paul Hegeman


  1. Whether it is a roasting tray or a fry pan, remove the meat or vegetables from it.
  2. Pour or sponge off any oil or fat that may have settled in the bottom of the pan or tray, (be careful not to discard the dark pan juices with the fat).
  3. Replace the tray or pan to a high heat on the stove top.
  4. Once it is hot, add the liquid (be careful of the steam).
  5. Stir the liquid around with a wooden spoon in an effort to loosen anything still stuck to the pan.
  6. If making gravy, you can do it right there in the roasting tray or pan.
  7. Alternatively the flavoursome liquid in the pan or tray can simply be poured over the food before serving.